What Does a Housewyfe for Your Business Do?

When I think of a housewife, I think of a lady who handles the administration of the household. She cleans, she cooks, she makes sure that the kids get to choir practice. She balances the checkbook and pays the bills. She finds the leaky faucet and gets the repairman in to fix it.

As a Housewyfe for your Business, I help you keep your business household organized. From basic bookkeeping to assisting you with implementing a new system to collaborating on your overall business structure – I can help.

I specialize in the back end of your business – administration and bookkeeping. What does this mean? I can help you with:

  • Bookkeeping & Financial Analysis
    • Inputting your deposits and expenses as a Business.
    • Knowing what your Gross Income, Cost of Goods Sold, Other Expenses, and Net Profit are – And what those numbers mean for your business.
    • Introducing you to your Profit & Loss Report and Balance Sheet – and helping you understand what they tell you about your business.
    • Find unnecessary Expenses and Locate unnoticed areas of Income to Keep More Money for your pocket or to use in your business.
  • Administration
    • Collaboration – We Work Together to:
      • Discover Real Questions You Need Answered
      • Find the Answers to those Questions
      • Use those Answers to Create a Path for your Business
    • Implementation – Setting up Systems to Help YOU on the Path:
      • Find a Reminder System that works for YOU
      • Provide Support and Service to Your Customers
      • Get and Stay Organized
      • Create a detailed to-do List for Your Path
  • Specialty Services
    • Writing & Editing
      • Stand out with great grammar! With an eye for detail, I can proofread and copyedit your writing.
      • My writing has been featured in a national magazine (Spin-Off, Spring 2016) as well as regularly published as a column (Here Knitty-Knitty, Valley Voice, 2012-now). My heartfelt and humorous prose can delight and inspire your clients as well.
    • Knitting Pattern Technical Editing
      • I specialize in accessories (such as socks, shawls, cowls, scarves, hats). I’m comfortable tech editing many styles of knitting including lace. I have studied different styles of knitting construction, taught classes in those constructions, and designed my own patterns.
      • After taking Joeli Kelly’s tech editing course, I opened my doors as a technical editor of knitting patterns in 2014 and am currently taking on new clients.
      • As a designer and tech editor, I can also help define and refine your pattern if that is necessary.
      • “LA Bourgeois has done tech editing for me on several designs. All of her suggestions are very clear and organized. She has also redone my charts for me so that they look more professional. I have enjoyed working with LA Bourgeois and highly recommend her for tech editing.” – Martha M.


Over the years, I’ve worn many hats: bookkeeper, financial analyst, barista, client relations manager, IT manager, craft fair management, wine/beer/liquor salesperson, technical translator for the artist/layman, non-profit administrator.

I’ve formed and owned small businesses (an Internet Service Provider, a cafe/bar, liquor store, a commercial building, and yarn & fabric shop) and I’ve been an employee, most recently as Finance & Administration for the Steamboat Springs Arts Council..

I’ve worked in education, the arts, non-profits, and small businesses.

I bring a friendly, competent, and peaceful energy to my work. Plus, I focus on keeping your personality at the forefront of your business.

Within all of these arenas, many of my co-workers, employees, and supervisors have called me “the glue that holds this organization together.”


  • Bookkeeping, mainly using Quickbooks Pro and including payroll and sales tax, billing, and accounts payable and receivable
  • Financial Analysis
  • Setting up administrative and financial systems
  • Office Management
  • Managing employees, setting up and managing health insurance programs and payroll systems
  • Extensive computer experience in Windows, Mac, Droid OS; the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Reader, InDesign, and Open Office. I am also a quick study with computer programs and online interfaces.
  • Customer Relations Management and the implementation, training and use of associated programs such as eTapestry (a non-profit-focused CRM)
  • Online programs such as Asana, Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive for interoffice relations
  • Online Interfaces for customer relations and website management including WordPress, MailChimp, and Constant Contact (as well as a bit of basic HTML for tweaking)
  • Customer service via email and telephone as well as in person.

And, you can Download My Complete Resume Here.


What Can the Housewyfe Do For Your Business?

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