Yesterday, as I walked upstairs at the office, I looked down at my feet. The deep purple sparkling from my toes delighted me.

Stephanie started getting pedicures as part of her health regimen (must take care of feet!) and she talked me into having a pedicure as well.

The whole pedicure thing seemed awkward. Sitting in a big comfy massage chair while someone kneels in front of me, washes my feet and paints my nails. Whenever I thought of a pedicure, I couldn’t repress the thought of Christ with Mary Magdalene kneeling before him and washing his feet with her hair. I know it’s not anything the same but…

Not for me.

After Stephanie had her first one, she raved and decided that I must get one too. And that’s the thing about pedicures. Everyone who has one raves about it. “You’ve never had a pedicure?! You don’t know what you’re missing! You MUST get a pedicure.”

So, I gave in. In the middle of all the work at the office and at home I thought, why not have a little treat? Allow yourself a little pampering. Embrace your inner girly-girl.

Stephanie made the appointment and I drove us over to the nail spa.

As soon as we walked through the door, a lady took our names and commanded us to pick a color.

“I never get a color,” Stephanie said with a little toss of her hand. I turned to the wall of tiny bottles of polish. Bright colors sang and the enchantment began. Red, pink, coral, purple, lavendar, green, blue, teal, brown, black, gray, white!

I contemplated my choice. Should I pick clear or a soft pink – something that wouldn’t startle the office? Or should I go bright and show off the sparkly unicorn dancing inside?

Unicorn. Definitely, unicorn.

I settled on a cheery red and carried the little bottle into the nail area.

After getting Stephanie settled in her chair and her walker stowed safely away, I took my place beside her in one of the giant chairs. I removed my socks and shoes (because my first appointment was in March) and put my feet into the warm water.

Oh – it was glorious! The sweet lady cut and filed my nails, exfoliated my feet and legs, and then gave them a short massage. As the red polish coated my toenails, a little zing of pleasure zipped through me.

I felt pretty.

The feeling was alien. The effort of bookkeeping and writing and fitting in with my new friends at my new job, the effort of picking up groceries and picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, the effort of coming home and cooking dinner and sleeping and rising to feed the family in the morning – all of these combined to dull my being and I hadn’t even realized it! The feeling of pretty surprised me. Delight blew me up like a balloon.

Simply knowing that my happy red toes laid under the layers of socks and shoes made me prance a little. And now that they are on display in my summer sandals?

Watch out world! A glimpse of my fabulous toes will hurl you into an abyss of pleasure.

delightful toes

I know it for a fact. Happens to me all the time.