This morning, I looked out the door as I released the cat into the not-very-wild.

Have you ever stared out your own front door and thought the beauty you saw was too much? The mist rising in a line over the trees with the mountain hovering over them. Gray clouds lining the horizon with blue escaping throughfor just a moment. White clouds floating in the brief burst of sunshine as the sun makes it into your little valley. And the green. Oh, the green in shades from lightest yellow tipped leaves to the dark gray green of pine trees.

A bird slipped into my vision and flitted away, flapping its wings too fast to even see as it rose above the trees of the neighbor’s yard and flew off to forage over the hill.

And the poor scarecrow – sticking sideways out from the base of the garden, his torso engulfed by weeds so tall that they make my hands ache just to behold them.

I think I have found the space to share my journey with you again. The space to use my life to share what I am learning, what delights my soul, and what inspires my actions.

I hope those things inspire you as well.

My hands and arms are still healing, so not much knitting action to be found here for now. However, I can promise insights into the world of a working lesbian housewyfe caregiver, struggling to heal her wounds and spread delight, inspiration and beauty across this world.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Oh What a Beautiful AM