Bundle of Joy, Week 8: Linus’ Dream

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Now, back to business….

The eighth pattern in my Bundle of Joy is Linus’ Dream!

Linus' Dream PonchoWhen I picked Linus’ Dream for the eighth pattern, I thought of it as a gift to you, a bit of knitting which would comfort and indulge during the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The simple stockinette allows for chatting with a cup of hot chocolate (perhaps with a little something added?). As the fabric covers your lap, the poncho snuggles you even before you wear it.

I came up with the Linus’ Dream poncho as a way to comfort myself during these stressful times. Beginning with a thick and snuggly cowl neck with a spiraling design and then continuing through a simple and reassuring field of stockinette, this piece comforts during knitting and then transitions into a stylish blankie you can wear!

A portable, stylish blankie. Linus’ dream come true.

(FYI – Linus was my favorite character in Peanuts. Since I carried my blanket and sucked my thumb until I was ten, I felt a kinship with him. I even played Linus in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” in high school.)

I picked the super bulky Mushishi Big to make this piece knit up quickly, which seems to be the way the news is happening these days. The subtle striping in the yarn always moves me along. Something about those automatic stripes creates a need to see the next one and keeps me going far longer than I thought I might knit that evening. As it grows, the fabric easily covers your lap, keeping you warm even before it’s done!

When finished, this snuggly poncho provides protection against the cold, both physical and metaphoric. The thickness combined with the loose fit allows a little air to circulate, nice especially if you’re struggling with temperature issues. (Thanks, perimenopause!)

You can expand the size by simply increasing the number of rows you knit. However, keep in mind that you will need to purchase more yarn to make that happen. The 48” wingspan works for many sizes and I’ve tried it on a lot of people. You’ll notice that my model is tall and thin, but the piece looks just as good on me and I am 5’2” and round, round, round!

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Celebrate on, my friends!


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