Can you believe we’re already at week seven of the Bundle of Joy? I’m amazed! The days have zipped by and I feel now like I’m sliding toward the end of the year.

Speaking of the end of the year, have you signed up for the Christmas Eve surprise gift? When I was a kid, my parents always let us open a gift on Christmas Eve and I couldn’t resist sharing that fun with everyone. Add the Bundle of Joy December Gift to your Ravelry library (it’s free through the end of the year) and it will morph into a real pattern on Christmas Eve.

But, back to the real business at hand. The seventh pattern in the Bundle of Joy is my Obsessive Striation hat!

Obsessive Striation HatThe Obsessive Striation hat took me by surprise one year. While searching for a hat to knit for all the nieces and nephews, I got inspired by a striped hat I saw a friend knitting. Instead of asking for the pattern, I began noodling around. After a little spelunking around with the hat, I began knitting these over and over. “Potato chip” knitting for sure!

Thank goodness these hats are so fun to knit! I knitted up several as gifts that holiday season and continue to pull out this pattern year after year. A quick and entertaining knit is the perfect solution to these dwindling moments where it feels like the holidays are zipping by.

As I knit hat after hat, I played with colors. The self-striping yarn created fun color changes across the solid foundation. Two solids together let me create a more sedate version for my more reserved children. I used up scraps of all sorts of yarn to make this hat. The hat only uses 75 yards of each color, so grab your basket of extra yarn balls and get knitting!

Sometimes, instead of using a solid color and self-striping yarn, I used two self-striping yarns. Make sure to either use highly contrasting colorways (such as a muted colorway and colorful colorway) or start making sure that the stripes will not coincide. A good way to do this is to pull to a point where the stripes are just one to two colors off. For example, if the skeins’ stripes go Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue; then pull the second colorway so it will stripe Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow. That way, the colors won’t overlap and cause muddiness in your stripes.

You can easily re-size this hat. All you need to do is make sure you are working with an even number of stitches so that the stranded brim pattern works. Just make the first one to find out your gauge, measure and cast on the new number of stitches for the second.

What do you mean, you’re only making one? Stop fooling yourself!

Get the Obsessive Striation hat pattern for 25% off through 11:59pm, December 20th, 2017 using the code OSHBOJ7.

Celebrate on, my friends!


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