Bundle of Joy, Week 5: Happy Midwinter’s Eve Hat

Do the deep gray days of winter get to you? Is it time to play with color? Want to bust through some of those leftover balls of yarn?

Happy Midwinter's Eve hat

Welcome to the Happy Midwinter’s Eve Hat!

This colorwork 101 hat incorporates basic stripes, bobbles and mosaic knitting to create a hat with character. No row uses more than one color of yarn, so no stranding. The whole thing is based on stripes – deceptively simple!

Got lots of extra bits and bobs of yarn from previous projects? Go wild with color for the kiddo in your life! The original pattern uses five colors, but don’t let that stop you.

A friend of mine also made this hat in neutral colors for her mother. The different textures allowed the more muted color changes to be emphasized while preserving a look sophisticated enough for a more reserved lady.

Plus, it’s a super quick knit! Even with the continuing travails of tendonitis, I’m casting one on this evening to give for a Christmas gift.

The Happy Midwinter’s Eve Hat is the fifth pattern in my Bundle of Joy series. Get the pattern for 25% off through 11:59PM December 7th, 2017 using the coupon code: HMEBOJ5.

Celebrate on, my friends!


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Through December 31st, you can purchase the complete bundle with a 25% discount using the code “BundleOfJoy17”