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Aphra Behn Cowl

Aphra Behn Cowl!

Many years ago, my good friend Paula directed The Rover at the University of Denver. The playwright, Aphra Behn, enchanted me. Reputed to be the first woman to earn a living as an author, her work was performed during the Restoration (during the reign of Charles II from 1660 to 1685). Her storied life included spying along with her playwriting – not surprising that she would be an intriguing figure for the young me.

This cowl is designed for the hipster Restoration playwright: a little retro in design (in the 1600s at least) giving the wearer the warmth of a cravat with a feminine softness. Yeah, I think she would have totally gone for this little gem of an accessory.

Just as Aphra would, toss on this little neck-warmer to run out to the farmer’s market and pick up a lovely croissant before you scurry back to your writing.

Aphra Behn Cowl

The Aphra Behn is an exercise in short rows. Each ruffle is created with a series of them, wrapping and turning several times. However, with garter stitch, the twiddly picking up of the wraps isn’t necessary, so give those short rows a try!

The original cowl was made with two hundred yards of a soft blend of alpaca, bamboo and merino. When picking your yarn, make sure fiber content includes at least 10% merino to give it that bounce which will help the cowl hold its shape.

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Celebrate on, my lovely friends!


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