Bundle of Joy, Week 3: Farmer’s Market Basket

The third pattern in my Bundle of Joy is….

Farmer's Market Basket

The Farmer’s Market Basket Bag!

One of my very first patterns, this market bag expands to carry a full load from the farmer’s market or grocery store or (dare I mention?) the yarn shop.

A basketweave pattern dominates the bottom which then changes into a mesh lace bordered with lace panels. The basketweave pattern returns in the edging and on the handles.

Simple lacework panels on each side rejoice in the full-blown puffball stage of the dandelions which dot my lawn each summer. Seriously. I can’t get away from them so I might as well celebrate them, right?

Reviews from other knitters:

  • “Great pattern and one of those super easy projects, with a little bit of simple cabling, that makes non-knitters think you are amazingly talented (which I am not).”
  • “This pattern was really fun and knit up quickly.”
  • “I love this pattern! It is a quick knit with interesting elements that make it fun.”
  • “Several new things for a beginner to learn including picking up stitches, a few different cable variations, and the 3-needle bind off…. A very fun pattern and I’ve already used it once at the Park City Farmer’s Market.”
  • “I’m making another one; I love it.”

Truly, this pattern is my most popular. It knits up quickly and makes a great gift.

I mean, I’m just saying. If I could knit right now (arrgh – tendonitis!), I’d be knitting up at least one for Christmas gifting this year.

Enjoy the Farmer’s Market Basket Bag pattern! The discount code for Ravelry is FMBBOJ3 and gets you 25% off until 11:59PM on November 23rd, 2017. Click here to get it in your shopping cart now!

Celebrate on, my lovely friends!


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Through December 31st, you can purchase the complete bundle with a 25% discount using the code “BundleOfJoy17”