Week Two of my Bundle of Joy…

Lynn's Wonder Cowl

Lynn’s Wonder!

This reversible cowl combines traditional and modern looks & techniques. One side embraces tradition with an aran design including cables and a herringbone topped with bobbles. A field of polka dots cross the other side, created with a two-color honeycomb cable pattern.

Lynn's Wonder Cowl

Here’s my deal: if I’m not challenged, I lose interest. How about you? I’ve combined several of my favorite techniques and embedded a little challenge in each section:

  • Aran knitting on the first side – all cables and bobbles and keeping track of where I am in the herringbone pattern;
  • Grafting the two ends together so the purls and knits all end up in the right place;
  • Picking up stitches along the edge to change into knitting in the round;
  • Balancing two colors of yarn and cables;
  • Sealing in the ends without the tiresome weaving by using the kitchener stitch to graft the whole thing shut.

Lynn's Wonder Cowl (with Kaleo!)

Of course, if you hate the kitchener (and I know several people do!), then I’ve included instructions for the three needle bind-off for the edge and ends.

One of my saddest moments as I left Steamboat was saying goodbye to the samples I knit for Sew Steamboat. The Lynn’s Wonder, made in honor of my dear friend, used the yarn she created for the shop. A mixture of CVM and alpaca blended to maintain the natural colors of the sheep combined happily in my creation. While the yarn is no longer available, any DK or sport weight yarn can be substituted with success.

And now I’m itching to cast on another!

The Lynn’s Wonder cowl will be 25% off through November 16th using the code: LWCBOJ2

Thanks for joining the celebration!

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