Project Purgatory

For the last six weeks, I’ve dumped everything that seemed like something I should keep into my office. As a result, a pile of yarn, bills, books and business cards obscured my desk from view. Project bags peeked out of baskets. A computer fan, stack of floppy disks (oh yes – old fashioned 3.5” plastic floppies) and CDs finally made me question my cleanliness.

Dang it! Time to organize the office again.

As I worked my way around the room, I realized that my project bag total was climbing. Three bags in this basket, two in another, a trove in a old wooden wine box. All projects suspended in time – waiting for my return – wondering when, or even if, I would return.

I looked at them and realized I’d created a Project Purgatory.

Project Purgatory

I sorted through the bags, evaluating each project. Six unmatched socks wait for me to complete the pair. A new/old shawl design prototype only needs to complete the last few loooooong rows. The border of that purple alpaca shawl lacks a third of its repeats. One slight delay and my experimental shawlish cardigan lies neglected in a bag covered with happy hedgehogs.

After sadly unraveling three unnamed projects (all hats), I reclaimed the project bags and yarn for the future. I stashed the yarn and bags in my cubbies and the needles back in their holders.

My total is now ten. Ten project bags remain in Project Purgatory.

Of course, that doesn’t count the three active projects hanging out in the den.

Or the two luxurious skeins tarrying on my coffee table while my imagination plays with them.

Tempting New Yarn

Perhaps I should give myself a goal: finish one of the forgotten and then I can knit up something new.

Right after I swatch up this new yarn….


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