Mid-August, the air began cooling. I looked across the valley on Saturday and saw a grove of trees fading from green to yellow. My bountiful garden withers a little more each day as I pluck the last fruits and veggies from the summer vines.

The clouds that fill the sky today are the outskirts of Irma, but I can’t deny the change I am experiencing.

Our Fading Hillside - 9/12/17

Fall is here.

As soon as the cool air greeted me in the mornings, I grabbed my old sacred red sweater. Stained and fraying and stretched beyond its usefulness, it failed to snuggle me.

With regret, I decided that I needed a new cardigan. Since I’ve been wanting to try out Barbara Walker’s method in Knitting from the Top ever since I obtained it last year, I decided on a top-down raglan sweater. With a sweater’s worth of fingering weight alpaca in a neutral gray-green…

Okay fine, it’s really olive.

No, I ordered the color by mistake.

Yes, it goes with most of my clothes.


I swatched the yarn and cast on this light, plain sweater to replace my old faithful (which I am wearing right now). The red sweater made the move with me. I wore it almost every day last winter and finally started throwing it back on last week.

If I don’t want to spend another winter snuggling in the less-than-snugglable old sweater, I must work on the new cardigan all the time. I have other projects: the soft beaded cowl, a pair of socks for my sweetie (oh, wait until you see those!), an experimental bundle of stitches which may or may not turn into a shawlish cardi for my niece.

No. They are denied! My cardigan must be finished before the weather really turns.

And I’m still only on the yoke.

Sacred Cardi - 9/12/17

My hands feel good though. I think I’m ready for the push!


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