This week, I began a Beginning Brioche class using the Channeled Colors Cowl to learn two color brioche knitting in the round.

Doesn’t that sound crazy? Beginning brioche is two color in the round? However, this technique is the simplest way to learn brioche knitting.

Each round is knitted using only one color. One color is always purled and the other is always knitted. This means you get to focus on only one thing at a time. Pretty cool, right?

Plus, at the end, two-color brioche performs this alchemy where, even though you’ve knitted all your rows horizontally, vertical bands of color appear.

I’m telling you – it’s magic!

Two Color Brioche Knitting in the Round

Of course, the project takes a little longer than you think it will because two rounds of knitting equals only one round of height. That’s one of the drawbacks of two-color brioche knitting!

But it looks so cool!

I’ve made a couple of quick videos to show the different steps of the different stitches for my students. First, a knitted round:

And now, the purl!

I recorded these outside on my deck since my desk was most inhospitable to the camera yesterday. There’s a bit of noise from our neighborhood wilderness (the dog across the gulch, the rooster down the hill), but I think you’ll get the drift. I include demonstrations of both the left handed (continental) and right handed (english) process as well.

Enjoy these little tutorials, and have fun with two color brioche!


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