The last few weeks I’ve struggled to find peace and focus. My “old crow” brain zips here and there, coming up with new ideas all the time as I try to find my center.

If I decide to work on my writing, she discovers a new knitting pattern I MUST cast on immediately. Once I cast on that gorgeous yarn, she sees a twinkle out of the corner of her eye and is off to teach a new knitting technique. I set up a new class and she remembers this quirky little story about a girl painting a mural which simply must be written down NOW! Get on it, LA!

I’m pooped!

I feel like I can’t get my feet underneath me. I want to plant my feet and yell “NOOOOOOOOO!” into the clouds.

All that does is pull my attention to the sky so she surprises me when she snatches the rug from under those planted feet. She even laughs as my butt hits the ground.

This past week, a friend visited and our conversations veered to the spiritual. As she spoke of her new meditation practice, I yearned for those moments of peace. I remembered how my mother-in-law encouraged me to start meditating after the move and how I resisted.

Now appears to be the time. I know that meditation can help me find that peace I need.

However, to trick that “old crow” brain and keep her from hijacking my serenity, I’m trying a knitting meditation.

Similar to walking meditation, I will sit with plain stockinette and nothing else. No podcast. No music. No television. Just me and the knit stitch or the purl stitch.

The piece I’ll be using for meditation is a top-down fingering weight cardigan that I recently cast on. A minimum of easily constructed increases and hundreds of knits and purls will be enough to distract that “old crow” while I focus on breathing and clearing my brain.

Each day, I plan to sit and meditate for twenty minutes.

Knitting Meditation

Want to join me? Here’s how!

Find a nice simple project, maybe a plain sock or garter-stitch shawl or a sweater which needs that huge stockinette torso finished. Basically you need to find a piece which you can knit without looking at instructions.

Commit to spending at least twenty minutes a day knitting with no other distractions.

Pick a place and time where you can be assured of no one disturbing you.

Set a timer for yourself. I use an app called “Tide” on my phone which plays the sound of waves hitting a beach for the length of my meditation. When the sound stops, the meditation is over. I know there are a ton of good free timing apps available for Android (which is what I have) or iPhone.

As you settle yourself in place, pick up your project and make a stitch, watching your fingers and the small movements of your hands. Consider how the yarn you selected creates the stitch, study how the needle pulls the yarn into place, feel how the yarn sticks or slides off the needle.

After your time is up, put away your project and get back to your day.

That’s it.

Simple, simple.

I’m looking forward to a more focused and peaceful September. How about you?


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