My first beaded fingerless mitt is complete.

Beaded Fingerless Mitt

I feel like a fairy left a gift of sparkles and dandelion fuzz to wrap around my weary hands. I love how the dark gray beads glimmer dark in the sunlight and the soft blend of merino, silk and yak cuddle my hand close.

I finished the first one over the weekend and the second is almost done.

Unfinished Beaded Mitt #2

Each time I pick it up, I revel in the smooth and comfy yarn as it slips between my fingers. I don’t want the knitting to end! I know I’m going to have at least half of the skein left after finishing these mitts, so maybe, my old crow brain whispers, it doesn’t have to.

She sends pictures of a hat brim, using the same lace and bead pattern from the cuff, into my brain. She tempts me with a cowl, brushing the side of my neck with the silky comfort of the yarn. She lines the body of the hat with dots of Swarovski crystals, mixed on a thread then stranded along with the yarn to randomly pop up.

Oh, she is a temptress, that old crow.

I don’t think I can resist her, and perhaps I shouldn’t.

After all, I need a new hat.


Working with just a swatch gives you the freedom to play with the beads – adding different colors of beads, playing with the placement, seeing how the beads play with the yarn, watching how the different colors and types work with or against the yarn. Experimentation and exploration turns into a creative beading playdate for adults!

My bead class, “Bead All About It: Three Techniques for Adding Beads to Your Knitting,” will be on August 25th at the Knitting Diva from 10:30am-12:30pm and the cost will be $50. Beads (and several other materials you need to add beads) will be provided. Please bring fingering weight yarn and a beading crochet hook (US size 14/0.8mm or 16/0.6mm).


Play With the Housewyfe