Over the past weekend, I finished the sample for my two-color Brioche class in September. The Channeled Colors Brioche Loop will be our project and I’m excited to see everyone’s version. What yarns will they choose? What colors will spring forth? I had a heck of a time picking mine, but here we go:

Channeled Colors Brioche Loop

Look at those colors! I knitted it up using HiKoo Kenzie in lime green and a bright pinky-purple, so each stitch sent a little zing of shiny through my evening knitting in front of the TV.

Kenzie is 50% merino, 25% nylon, 10% angora, 10% alpaca, and 5% silk noils. I used four skeins (two in each color) and ended up with an eleven inch wide cowl with a forty-two inch circumference. (The pattern calls for a 32” circumference and 14” width. Whoopsie!)

Fluffy Brioche Stitches

Fluffy. Brioche is always fluffy. I love how that deep texture fills my hands as I knit. The soft fuzzy Kenzie added a lightness which made the brioche feel that much more squishy. I envied the mannequin as she cuddled up.

Channeled Colors Brioche Loop Doubled

Two-color brioche in the round creates this lovely rhythm. I find it so soothing and easy to work that I barely have to glance at my knitting. Working two-color brioche flat always feels like this exercise in fiddliness to me. I love the look, but having to go back to the beginning of each row and work it again? I don’t know why it bugs me when I’m working flat and not in the round. I suppose it’s just psychological. Even though that’s what’s happening, it doesn’t feel that way since I’m working in the same direction and never have to see that I’m backtracking.

The inner workings of my weird-ass mind. Will you forgive me? Do you agree?

This brioche class will be my third class here in Asheville. I can hardly believe it! And I’ve been so busy working on the sample that I didn’t even name it something punny.

I guess that’s my next step.


The plain old “Brioche” class will be held at the Knitting Diva on Friday, September 8th and 22nd, with a help session on the 15th. All sessions will be from 10:30am-12:30pm. Cost is $65, plus materials. Please call the Knitting Diva at (828)247-0344 or go online to divasknitting.com to make your reservation today.

We will be casting on and knitting the Channeled Colors Brioche Loop (pattern is free on Ravelry) to learn two-color brioche knitting in the round.

Oh yes. I’ve got to come up with a better name. Just plain old “Brioche” doesn’t cut it.


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