How to Get Away With(out) Murder: Teaching Friends & Family How to Knit

On Friday, I made my teaching debut here in North Carolina! My new LYS, the Knitting Diva, hosted the class.

“How to Get Away With(out) Murder: Teaching Friends & Family How to Knit” is a brand new class that I’ve developed over the past couple of years. I had no idea how it would be received and was happily surprised by the response. With only a brief introduction, eight students joined me to learn to be knitting teachers!

How to Get Away With(out) Murder: Teaching Friends & Family How to Knit

Passionate knitters love to share that passion with others, but don’t know where to start when it comes down to actually teaching a friend or loved one how to knit.

This workshop teaches knitters how to share their craft with effect and love. From setting simple boundaries to nitty-gritty techniques like how to knit a lefthanded student, this workshop prepares intermediate to advanced knitters who are ready to teach.

Teaching Knitters to Teach New Knitters

Split into four sections, I covered how to share your passion without destroying your relationship, how to show students to perform actions, how to recognize mistakes and fix them, and the specifics of teaching lefthand dominant knitters and children.

As always, by the end of the class, I made new friends. After the first few moments, I found my anxiety releasing. I wished I’d memorized more. I made myself an outline that I didn’t quite adhere to, but I think that’s pretty normal. I wish I’d been funnier.

However, my new friends had a good time. Their favorite parts of the class included:

  • New terminology for teaching
  • Different approaches for teaching adults versus children
  • How lefthand dominant knitters knit
  • Ways to show students techniques so they can see your hands as they would see their own.

Each time I teach a class, I learn something new – my favorite part of the teaching process! The most amazing thing I learned in this class was a new way to perform the long-tail cast-on.

Learning A New Cast-On
Thanks, Kathy!

The technique resembled the knitted cast-on, using both hands actively and throwing your loop around as you cast on. Quite interesting! I need more practice so I don’t forget!

A big Thank You to everyone who helped make my teaching debut in Asheville a success!

And now I send eight new knitting teachers out into the world to spread the craft with their loved ones.

Class at the Knitting Diva - 7/21/17

Enjoy teaching, my new friends!


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