I finished the first of my rainbow socks during the finals of the French Open. Over the whole of that week, from going to the movies on Monday evening to watching player after player search for the win, I worked my way through the gusset and the toe. The men’s final started with me kitchenering the toe and weaving in the ends. By the end of the match, I’d cast on the second sock.

In between small bouts of pain (the pain keeps disappearing and then popping back up while I type or when I’m knitting), I would knit a row here and there. By this past Saturday night, I finished the leg and started the heel.

At lunchtime a couple of days ago, I finished the heel and started the downward slope of the gusset. A stripe knits up most times I sit down. All those stitches add up!

Rainbow Socks - Almost Done!
Knit in Schachenmayr Regia, 6-F├Ądig Color (75% wool/25% Polyamide), Colorway 06367

I’d wanted to be done by this time. I wrote a piece for the Valley Voice last week which discusses the socks, so I wanted to be able to take a picture of them on my feet. That’s not going to happen by my print deadline.

Still, it’s an accomplishment. (And watch for the piece in July’s Valley Voice!)

However, I think I’ll finish the second sock by next Sunday, and I haven’t been able to say that in a long, long time.

A pair of socks done in six weeks. Feels like a miracle!

The first sock took four weeks while the second is only taking two. My hands finally seem to be building real strength. Part of the relief seems to be coming from the CBD cream I’ve been using and the other seems to be a cleanse (which has been kicking my ass!) that is clearing parasites out of my system. Whether it’s one or the other or both put together, I don’t care. My hands are feeling better.

I even decided to submit a pattern design again.

Which means I’d be knitting to deadline if I get accepted.

I know, right?!

I’m full of hope!

(And CBD cream.)

(But not parasites.)


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