Last Monday morning, we packed the car with folding chairs and umbrellas for an outdoor concert. Armed with our umbrellas and an email promising that only a deluge would stop the music, we drove to Raleigh for what we were sure would be an amazing evening.

Well, the deluge came. We traversed the unfamiliar streets and highways of Raleigh through rain so thick it obscured our vision. A simple sign at the main entrance to the parking area read “Concert Rescheduled for Wednesday, June 7.”

I checked my email and sure enough, there was the notice in my spam folder with a time after we arrived in Raleigh and before we took our lives in our hands traveling across town.

Knowing that we couldn’t spend another two evenings in Raleigh, calling for a refund the next day was our only option. After a moment of feeling sad for missing this fantastic concert (Four Voices: Joan Baez, Mary Chapin Carpenter & the Indigo Girls – WAAAAAHHHHH!), we decided to go to the movies.

What could replace those wonderful women of song? Wonder Woman!

Finding directions to a cinema online, we headed over through the declining rain. The rain stopped as we parked and I forgot the umbrella in the back of the car. Even when I remembered it (only twenty feet away), we just kept walking. The air was pleasant. The warm breeze slight. A guy and his dog relaxed on an astroturf lawn in the middle of the little town square of the outdoor mall.

An umbrella seemed overkill.

A Sprite and a bag of popcorn completed our entourage as we swung into the empty theater to pick out our seats. We settled in our chairs. I pulled out my rainbow socks for knitting, excited to get to knit at the movies for the first time in forever.

Rainbow Sock with Princess Leia bag
Note that Princess Leia accompanied me to the movies!

As Wonder Woman sprang into action, my needles clicked away. The gusset combined with the simple pattern to thwart my efforts. After losing my place for the third time (after Steve Trevor needed rescuing AGAIN!), I stored my sock with its uneven gusset and held hands with my sweetie.

Even with having to stop, I feel like I’m getting back to normal levels of knitting again. I even knitted in the car on the way home, not constantly, but enough to feel like I’m making progress. Yay!

Now, get back to your point, LA!

I don’t want to spoil anything but YOUNEEDTOSEETHISMOVIEOMGOMGOMG!

A typical superhero origin film, this dark movie doesn’t shy away from burly action and hard choices even with a woman at the center. As she took her power, I cheered inside, and I loved the way any confusion on her part felt dismissed as a product of her sheltered upbringing. At the end of the movie, tears ran down my face because I already missed this strong warrior with her deep feelings and her amazing knowledge.

Leaving the theater, we walked into a rain shower. My sweetie offered to go get the car so I wouldn’t get wet but really, how could I let her do that after watching this woman conquer her enemies? A little rain? I might not be the most pleasant woman on the planet, but rain has yet to melt me.

I walked to the car, arriving damp but not drenched.

And, despite inches of rain falling during our visit to Raleigh, the umbrella never saw a drop.


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