The key to the ninety second plank? “Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups.

Each verse is thirty seconds long. Each chorus equals thirty seconds. Perfect! As I listen to the song, I don’t have to watch the clock. The sections tell me where I am so I can hold my form for just…that…moment…longer.

With the help of the Dixie Cups, I managed to repeat my success of the ninety second plank. Once.

I’m counting on them to help me persevere to two minutes. I even stacked four copies of the song in a playlist so the song plays over and over while I complete my sets.

I hope I still love it by the end of this challenge.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to do my reps of 40 second planks until I can complete a two minute time.

I figure that as long as I don’t stop planking, I’m still succeeding.

I’m on day twenty-five. I got concerned around day eighteen and nineteen when I took two rest days in a row. However, with my public commitment to finish this challenge, I got back into position and haven’t missed a day since.

In other Mountain Goat news, I discovered a correlation between my vigorous walking and overall weariness. My walking regimen is easy two mile walk over rolling hills, strenuous two mile walk up and down steep hills, easy two mile walk over rolling hills, long three mile walk over rolling hills.

Last week, I pushed myself to make the easy two mile walks faster which resulted in an average time of just under twenty minutes per mile. Yay for my walking!

Boo for the planking! Because of that extra push, I needed to take those two rest days. My body was tired!

This week, instead of pushing myself to go faster on the easy shorter walks, I stroll with Ty and use them for rest days. I don’t know that it’s helping with my planking time (while I managed to plank for ninety seconds again a couple of days ago, I haven’t been able to go more than seventy seconds since then), but I certainly have more energy.

And now, this week’s results!

For the numbers, I’m up a half pound and my waist measurement didn’t vary. I figure that means I’m gaining muscle, so I’ll take it as a win!

I do feel stronger. My sweetie and I moved a platform from the old deck to another section of our garden. Eventually, that small deck will be where we will enjoy our flowering front garden. I imagine beautiful morning teas and lazy Sunday afternoons. Meanwhile, that sucker was HEAVY and I used all of my newfound strength to help my sweetie move it.

But I could do it.

The past week, I also found that I’m able to knit a little bit longer in the evenings. Instead of just a couple of rows, I can knit two rows on the shawl and a few more shorter rows on another project like my shawlish cardigan or my rainbow socks (my first brand new project in a month!).

Knitting Bag - 5/19/17

So, more strength to garden and knit? That’s the goal, so Thanks Planking!

(And thanks to the Dixie Cups as well!)


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