I am out of practice with celebration.

I realized this the other day. I posted a blog entry and, reminded of how much fun it is to just dance by an online acquaintance, I danced. I put on a bouncy song and danced the dance you dance when no one is watching.

I bounced around my studio, hands in the air, hips wiggling, shoulders shimmying. Every cell activated and, by the time I collapsed back into my chair, my entire being buzzed.

Dance Break

The wave of energy flowing through me made me realize, I don’t celebrate enough! I think of practicing mindfulness, writing, spinning yarn.

Why not practice celebration?

I decided then and there to celebrate each day of May and share it with you. Certainly, I have little accomplishments each day which I can celebrate. I usually have at least one big accomplishment each month. Plus, I’ve been feeling a bit more down lately since Cappy, my border collie, passed away on Easter.

I need more celebration in my life!

Immediately, my mind smacked right into a wall. Could I find enough things to celebrate? Could I find enough different and fun ways to celebrate? What if my celebrations all end up looking the same? What if no one watches?

Then I realized that I was resisting celebrating.

Why? Why was I resisting celebration?

Look how I can resist this celebration! I will check a task off my daily list – some task that completes a larger goal – and just sit quietly for a moment before going on to the next thing. Sometimes I don’t want to bother my sweetie with my glee over something so small. Maybe I’m just embarrassed because someone could see me doing my happy dance or judge me for eating a celebratory cupcake.

Yes. All of those things are true. However, I can track all of those items back to one reason.

I resist celebration is because I don’t feel like what I’ve accomplished is worthy of that celebration.

Apparently, if I really deserved to celebrate an accomplishment, a voice from above would bellow out, “You accomplished a great thing! Now – Celebrate!” Then, an orchestra would start to play music and dancers would jog out of the closet to perform an amazing routine with cheery music. A full audience would applaud me and the cheers would last all night.

FYI – I’ve never, ever had that happen – even that one time I was in a musical!

Looking at the situation logically (meaning outside of my brain and as anyone in the real world would perceive it), I can celebrate whatever and whenever I want.

Did I finish the rough draft of the blog entry for tomorrow? A whoop of triumph.

Did I finish my list for the day? Let’s dance!

Did I roast up those veggies for tomorrow’s soup? Sit down and knit a row.

So, I am doing it. I am celebrating all May long!

Each time I accomplish something – maybe small, maybe large – I’m going to celebrate.

And I will share that celebration with you.

Each day of May, I will share my celebration with Instagram Live and then post about it on Instagram and Facebook. I don’t know exactly what I will be doing each time – but the dancing was super fun! Yesterday, I celebrated finishing my to-do list by petting yummy yarn.

May 1 Celebration

You want to join me? Share your celebration by using the hashtag #housewyfecelebrates and tagging me @lahousewyfe so we can rejoice your bright moment of accomplishment with you!