Each morning, I walk the dogs through our neighborhood.

Morning Walk

In my first spring here, I am wandering through a floral wonderland. The people in this neighborhood proudly keep beautiful lawns and gardens, filling them with glorious flowering plants.

In turn, these flowers fill my soul with joy.

Cherry Love

This baby flowered for most of the last two weeks. This picture is from two days ago, and now she’s starting to leaf out. I can’t even be sad about it because it means she’ll be back next year.

Floral Bells

Delicate little bells dance in the breeze. At only about a quarter inch per bell, these teeny flowers bunch together in waterfalls of blossoms. The whole plant barely reaches two feet and the owners have it nestled down next to their mailbox. Too charming!

Double Cherry Love

My best guess is this is a double cherry blossom with its voluptuous flair. She is the showgirl of the block, finally bursting out of her buds in what I can only assume will be a triumphant stride down the spring catwalk.

Redbud Branch

But this, this is my love. I have been following her for a week now. I stop each morning and take a picture, trying to capture the progress of the blossoms bursting from their hiding places.

I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Today’s walk was overrun by fauna. Squirrels chased each other through the trees; bunnies zipped into the roadside wilderness. But then, something the dogs have never ever seen….

Opossum Butt

Yep. That blurry little mass is an opossum butt. I walked around the corner and he surprised me, hanging out in the ditch. When he saw the dogs, he casually took off. He knew they weren’t a threat. My oblivious dogs didn’t start to strain on their leashes until after I took the picture. I guess that’s why neither of them are named Sherlock!

Each morning walk embeds a little more love for this new area where I’ve planted myself. I can feel the tiny white roots reach out to anchor me. My love for this not-quite-domesticated landscape begins to grow, aided by wild cuteness and cultured blossoms.


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