A couple of days ago, I took my computer out onto the deck. Amid the construction debris and peeling paint, I typed while the sun warmed me like a fat little lizard.

Soon, I heard a rustling in the quiet and peered over the railing. A moment later, I located Dolce plotting her way through the mass of dead leaves. Her tortiseshell coloring camouflaged well, but her movement gave her away. She slunk off into the trees and underbrush on a search for amusement.

Jungle Kitty
Can you find the wild jungle kitty?

I love how both kitties embrace their little wilderness here. A few days after we moved in, I spotted Asiago making the same entry into the forest. Perhaps we may take down part of the underbrush, clearing the way for a larger fence for the dogs and a bit more useable space for us. As I considered this path, the little trekker emerged from the forest.

Wild Jungle Kitty Emerges

Taking out the weedy white pines and other crunched saplings won’t make much of difference to her. The oak leaves will still fall. Our plan includes other types of trees coming in to fill the blank space. Garden plots and paths will create still more adventuring down to the edges of our property.

Last night, Cappy barked wildly on his lead. As I hustled him into the house, other dogs across our small forest began barking and motion detection lights sprang on as the beastie made his path back up the hill.

The wildness of this space remains and nothing we do will prevent beasties or insects or saplings from growing up into our small clearings. We have invaded their wilderness.

So, Dolce and Asiago are safe in their new personas: wild North Carolina jungle cats.

Watch out for your mice!