When we purchased our new house, a plain old refrigerator sat in the kitchen. White, small, freezer on top, one door. Nothing special, but absolutely functional.

Old Refrigerator

Of course, we quickly replaced it with this behemoth:

New Refrigerator

New LG stainless steel french door style with the bottom freezer drawer. At almost 30 cubic feet of storage space, we knew we had something special. We’d found it on CraigsList for a little over half the retail price from a dude who flipped houses.


Once we had the new one in place, we had to make a decision. We stored the old Frigidaire in our dining room and waffled.

Could it go into Steph’s new workshop once it got built?


Maybe sell it?


Perhaps we should trade it to someone for hauling away the growing pile of construction trash outside our home.

Waffle, waffle, waffle.


Extra fridge in the laundry room!!!

At Christmas and Thanksgiving and, really, anytime we have a party, we need extra refrigerator room. What could be more handy?

Yesterday, we (and by we, I mean mostly Stephanie) pushed and pulled and dollied and slotted the old refrigerator into the laundry room. I (and by I, I mean mostly me) scrubbed and swept and sprayed and rinsed the appliance inside and out, from top to bottom.

And, at the end of the day, we admired our handiwork.

Party Fridge

The most boring object in the house just got upgraded to Party Fridge!

Now, the rest of the house just needs to get completed so we can have a party.