Today, Steph has her first cataract surgery. I’ve been in this situation before (and under much more dire circumstances). Even though this surgery takes only a few moments to perform and doesn’t even require her to be put under general anesthesia, I still find myself needing┬áto create my magic circle around her.

I always have at least one project on the needles for Stephanie. Right now, one is in the swatching stage (new yarn, new stitch pattern, new sock design for my sweetie!) so I am defaulting to one I haven’t worked in quite a while: a Color Affection shawl. The Color Affection works so well for this sort of magic. Miles of garter stitch with just enough interest to keep my brain occupied. The weaving back and forth of the striping colors. The way the three colors can move from dark to light as if the dawn is coming.

Steph's Color Affection

Perfect for the magic.

A couple of years ago, a trip to Hill Country Weavers in Austin, Texas yielded three skeins of Dream in Color Everlasting Sock in a deep purple, a purplish-pinkish red and a beaming chartreuse.

Dream in Color Everlasting for Color Affection

Stephanie picked the colors and I cast on. I’ve carried it to all sorts of places (it languishes in a project bag most of the time), but today (and then again in eleven more days), I will knit on this piece at the eye surgeon’s office.

When I am exiled to the waiting room while she is in surgery, I will work on this piece because at some point, some day, she will wear it. I knit my knowledge of her recovery, my love, and my deepest strength into this shawl. When she wears it, she will feel the strength and warmth and comfort of my arms.

My knitting exiles my fears with the meditation of working the stitches. I knit with pure intention of wonderful outcomes. Each stitch contains a prayer for light and love and happiness.

I perform this magic on special occasions: surgery for Stephanie, a friend who has lost a loved one, a loved one who just needs a little comfort. Each situation and each person requires a different object. Patterns are found and designed (like my Tears & Laughter shawl I created for my partners at Sew Steamboat), yarn discovered in shops and in my stash, the most appropriate needles selected.

At the end of the process, the person receives the knitted piece and my spell is completed.

Do you knit magic?