Two years ago in the barest springtime, my little Dolce-bella-kitty-kitty got attacked by a hunting dog. Stephanie managed to wade through hip-deep icy snow and stop the attack. She called me and we rushed to the vet.

Dolce stayed overnight in a little kitty oxygen tent and the perpetrator’s owner (who shall remain nameless) showed up and paid for her vet care promptly. He’s a stand-up guy who took total responsibility, paid her vet bills without a question, and fixed his broken fence with speed.

Dolce & the Shawl
Here’s Dolce helping me block my Taboo shawl.

As we cared for her (she recovered fully!), the seeds of this pattern were sown. I needed to create a tribute to my little girl-kitty. Something warm and dark with texture for days that highlighted the impact she made on my life.

Impronte di Dolce

Completely reversible, filled with cables and moss stitch and a little path of garter stitch with kitty footprints leading all the way across, my Impronte di Dolce has become my go-to accessory throughout this winter. I wear it as a scarf, drape it across my shoulders as a shawl, and even wrapped it around my head on a particularly windy day.

Impronte di Dolce

Since I used 100% baby alpaca (Juniper Moon Farms Herriot in Walnut), this scarf/wrap drapes beautifully. The cables plump out luxuriously and yet the warmth never feels like a burden. Also, since it’s fully reversible, you can fling it on without worrying about the wrong side showing (I hate that about cabled scarves, don’t you?).

This piece can be widened easily by increasing the number of stitches in the double moss stitch section and lengthened by simply adding repeats of the stitch pattern. If you choose to widen or lengthen the piece, make sure to obtain more yarn than the pattern requires.

Impronte di Dolce

Frankly, I love this piece almost as much as I love my Dolce-bella-kitty. Her little footprints will remain across my heart for my lifetime.

And now I get to wear them around my shoulders as well.


You can purchase my Impronte di Dolce through my Ravelry shop here.  Thank you for your support!