Over the weekend, our house was leveled.

One of my friends remarked that she always thinks of leveling a house as done with bulldozers and wrecking balls and I realized that my idea of leveling has shifted since we moved into this mobile home.

You see, with a double-wide mobile home, the foundation is made up of a series of piers that hold the home level. Ours had lost their connection to the support beams underneath our house. As such, we had to get a couple of guys to bring our house back to level by jamming concrete blocks, wooden blocks, and wide shims into place at the top of the piers.

Now, our home feels sturdier. The doors all close and stay closed. Our front screen door takes much less effort to open. (Note the “much less effort.”  We still have to replace that shinky handle.) 

Plus, look at our beautiful new french doors open to the world.

French Door Vista

Seriously. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I was a little concerned when they put them in that we would have a problem once the house was brought level, but the installation held up.

Tomorrow, the fellows come in to install the new heating and air conditioning system. Once that is complete, we can start to paint the walls.

Yep. Once the heat is on, I can paint my studio and really start to bring it into focus.

One Cubby Done

As you can see, I couldn’t resist getting one cubby up and filling it with my temporary stash. Two more boxes of work materials made it over from Barb’s today as well. I won’t be able to get everything in place as yet. My father is building me a desk (or will be once I send him my specifications) and the carpet needs to be ripped out and replaced with something I can sweep. Still and all….