Today for the #yarnlovechallenge, the word is “Oldest Stash.”

Since most of my stash is cradling breakables in the storage unit, I dug through my temporary stash to see what was available. Frankly, I do have some old, old yarn in there.

Amazingly, as I delved into my boxes, I found this:

Beachcomber Bamboo

This bamboo yarn came from Halcyon back in 2007. I purchased it for my very first knitting project, the Beachcomber Tunic from the Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet.

The bright blue was for my mother and the maroon for my mother-in-law.

Mom in her Sweater
The first piece I ever knit. Looks complex, but this sweater was mostly crochet (which I did almost non-stop until this sweater started the avalanche).

Isn’t Mom the cutest?

So, even though I’m sure I have even older yarn in my stored stash from my exclusively crocheting days, I am granting this yarn my “oldest stash” designation.

Definitely, it’s the oldest knitting stash.