Since the beginning of February, I’ve been doing the #yarnlovechallenge. Over the past few days, I’ve introduced myself and then written about all sorts of things. Since I only have a small amount of time to write each day (because of the hand pain), I’m going to start sharing here as well.

Today’s word is “Tools.”

During the Christmas season, I ordered a batch of project bags, notion bags, and stitch markers from one of my most favorite makers, Slipped Stitch Studios. (Stephanie agreed they could be my Christmas gift from her. Yay!) When Barb, my mother-in-law, saw my joy at unwrapping them and choosing which of my current WIPs would fill them, she remarked that I loved the extra bags and needles and notions as much as I loved knitting.

Really, she’s not too far off the mark.

I love my tools for my knitting, design, and writing. All the books I use for research – the stitch dictionaries, technique books, magazines, reference books for writing.

Books & Magazines

Pencils, sketchbook, graph paper for drawing out my design ideas.

Drawing Materials

My project bags which hold my WIPs and the materials for planned projects.

Project Bags

My notion box and other assorted pouches of helpfulness, including the jewels of my knitting – the stitch markers!

Notions & Stitch Markers

And my needles…

Knitting Needles

Oh, I have so many needles. Since the first day I started calling myself a professional knitter, I became addicted to needles. Wooden, metal, slick nickel or brushed bronze finish, I have a use for all of them.

I am needle agnostic. Each project, each yarn, and each stitch changes the needle I want to use. Whether Addi Turbo, Addi Lace, Addi Rockets, HiyaHiya, ChiaoGoo, Clover – each one can be the best needle ever for a particular project. Slick yarn and lace calls for sharp brushed bronze lace tips from Addi. Slick yarn and stockinette – my hearty bamboo Clover needles from when I first started knitting. Plain vanilla socks made from a bouncy sock yarn? I want my DPNs, preferably metal ones so I will search out my HiyaHiyas or my Addi Flipstix.

Every one of these tools, from the smallest stitch marker to the fanciest interchangeable needle set, continues to be carefully selected for the exact use.

As Marcia Ball says:



Find the patterns I created using these perfect tools at my Ravelry pattern store.  Yeehaw – I have to go dance now!