After a week of moving and starting the remodel, my hands are improving very slowly. I worked them too much last Friday and spent the entire weekend being extremely quiet and kind to them. As I started this week knowing that I’m playing catch-up from the last, I decided that I needed to make some big changes.

Typing in a correct position makes a huge difference. At my mother-in-law’s, my setup just couldn’t quite get right. I didn’t want to impinge on her space by moving in my office chair. My need for silence and solitude during writing, though politely respected, made me feel like I was inconveniencing everyone else in the house.

Now, I have my little studio. The walls will change color, more shelves will be installed, my father has promised me the perfect new desk (as soon as I send him my specs). However, my space can be silent and I’m not inconveniencing anybody. I even have a temporary desk at the height of ergonomic perfection.

Office Desk #1

Sure, it’s a door on top of eight wine boxes, but it’s all mine!

I’ll take off the hinges and handle soon.  I have grand plans, but for now…perfect imperfection fits me.


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