Over the past few days, we’ve started cleaning and remodeling our new place. I’ve taken a faucet from soap scum caked to sparkling clean. I’ve vacuumed every carpet in the house to prepare them for tearing up by the tacks and the settling of tools on top of them. I opened the Girl Scout cookies to give us a little lift in our day.

I’m even starting to work on my studio. Here’s the before:

Studio Before

By the end of the day, I expect to have an after which is very modest, but now useable. Saturday, we purchased some cubbies. On Monday, Stephanie took the random door between the kitchen and dining room off its hinges. Yesterday, we purchased a set of plastic sawhorses and found one of our office chairs in the storage unit. By the end of the day, I’m hoping to have my temporary studio up and running.

Over the weekend, I decided that my knitting pain hadn’t eased despite my resting efforts. After searching through the different symptoms at WebMD and the Mayo Clinic, I made a self-diagnosis of tendonitis on my hands (a type called De Quervain’s that specifically noted knitters and seemed to fit every symptom I’ve been having). So, on Monday, I purchased some compression gloves to give my hands the support they need while still allowing me to do some typing and crafting.

They only leave the very tips of my fingers exposed, but the pain seems to be going away so I’m going to say that they are working for now. I wear them whenever I need to do something that caused this pain to emerge: typing, writing longhand, crafting. I haven’t ventured into knitting territory yet since the site said to give your hands four-six weeks to heal up. However, I did find my cross-stitch supplies and started spending my evenings working on that again.

Cross Stitch Projects

I’m seeming to have no problems there (except with seeing! I changed patterns from 32 stitches per inch to 14 and my old eyes said, “Ahhhh!”), so I can craft again in the evenings.

And that makes my whole being go “Ahhhhhh!”

Time to go do some remodeling!


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