Last night, slowly and carefully, I broke my knitting fast.

(So exciting!)

I couldn’t resist getting back into the Socks for Mary for the last episode of Sherlock.

Socks for Mary - 011617

Only about a half-inch of progress. (Although if I had been at full capacity, I might have finished the sock. How exciting was that episode?!  Knit, knit, knit, eeek!  Knit, knit, knit, gasp!)  Still, aren’t they looking fine?

After testing myself a bit, I discovered that I only get to knit for about five minutes before the pain starts back up. To make sure I’m not re-injuring myself, I am continuing to do my hand exercises before each session and each morning before I begin to type.

During the knitting session, I am timing myself so I don’t get carried away. Five minutes of knitting and then at least a ten minute break.

I am also making sure to work on different projects. I have the Socks for Mary on US size 1 needles, the slipper socks for my neighbor on US size 6, and the sweater on US size 7.

Speaking of the sweater, I completely ripped it back. The recycled plant-based fibers of Remix are just too stiff for my hands right now, so I’ve replaced it with a 100% superwash merino.  I began casting on again during Victoria.

Top Down Raglan Cast on - Merino

Slowly, gently, I’m knitting again!