Not surprisingly, despite my intent to turn the lemon of my inability to knit into the sweet goodness of unseen opportunity flavored lemonade, I bitched my way through yesterday. Anything that could possibly be seen as slightly unfortunate instantly got upgraded to the WORST THING EVER! My poor family was subjected to either a quick temper, sulky silence, or a not very endearing combination of both.

Today has got to be better!

Yesterday, you all gave me some wonderful suggestions for replacing my main and most loved coping mechanism with something else. The easiest to implement was downloading the very first free coloring book app I could find in the Google Play store.  I began to color with very little optimism. However, choosing the colors and combining them in a picture of an elephant delighted me. Although I didn’t have something useful at the end of my process (like a sock), I still had something which pleased me and I very much enjoyed the process.

My Colorful Elephant

While I don’t know if this particular pastime will survive me starting to knit again, I did have fun and was relieved from “sulky LA” for a while.

Plus, on my way home from a four and a half hour odyssey into the world to sign one piece of paper for our house purchase (can you read my frustration here? Lots of quiet time listening to someone else do work plus me sitting idle equals one disgruntled LA), we passed these turkeys wandering through the neighborhood.

Turkeys on College St.
Wild Turkeys!
Right here in town!
Look at them all hanging out and happily pecking!


My reward for my holding my temper all day. So cool.

Today, I am planning to get some work done and do a little organizing of my workspace in preparation for our move next week. Hopefully, that organization will also give me some more ideas for productive things to do instead of knitting while we hang out in the evening with my mother-in-law watching television.

Oh God. I hope I make it through the next few days without injuring myself or others.