This weekend, as the snow fell and the temperatures dropped, I snuggled in by the fireplace and knitted. The kitties cuddled but objected to the knitting, so I did a bit of reading anytime one of them settled into my lap.

Asiago Lounges by the Fire

Thanks to the strict paws of kitty dictatorship, I finished my first book of the new year (The Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan) and started another (The Golden Age of Murder by Martin Edwards). One of my few resolutions this year is to list my completed books on my Goodreads profile with a short review. I always start off with the best of intentions!

Despite the knitting delays, I managed to get into the foot of the first Sock for Mary (Did you watch Sherlock?!); completed eight rows on the cardigan; and completed, frogged, and re-started the leg for the slipper socks.

This Weekend's Knitting

Over the weekend, I also managed to get out into the snow to walk the dogs. Those quick walks around the block weren’t quite enough for their energy though, so this morning after the temperatures summited 10 degrees, I took them down to Lake Louise to walk the grassy lane.

Dogs Playing in the Snow 010917

Run down the snowy lane is more like it! They loved it, running and jumping on each other and rolling in the snow. Panting and smiling, they agreed to return to the house with a promise that we would come again tomorrow.

This week feels slow and soft in its beginning, luxuriating in the first stretching of the muscles and relaxing into the groove. Renewed by a quiet weekend, I feel ready for a week where anything can happen.