On New Year’s Day, I like to spend the day by doing a little bit of all of the things that I want to have happen in my life over the coming year. I walked the dogs (getting outside more and exploring the area), journalled on my goals (focusing on my business), baked fresh sourdough bread (maintaining a work and life balance), played with Stephanie (because that’s just fun), and knitted.

Of course.

Because I am always learning something new (can’t stop myself – resolved this year not to try to stop myself), I decided to use Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top to design myself a top-down raglan cardigan.

Knitting from the Top - Cardi Cast-on

I’m using a bunch of Berroco Remix in an olive green and light green that lay in my stash for ages to create this simple (oh please, let me keep it simple!) piece for slouching around the house. The weeks of wearing my old red shapeless cardigan have worn on me, so having a new green cardigan to wear around will be a welcome change. Here’s my quick sketch for the piece:

Knitting from the Top - Cardi Sketch

See – simple knitting which will give me hours of mindless work for reading and watching television and video classes and movies and tennis!

Speaking of television, last night I tuned in live to Sherlock. Egad! I won’t spoil anything for you but, dang! I’m excited and heartbroken all at the same time.

While watching, I looked through Joanna Johnson’s new book, Sherlock Knits, to pick my fun knitting pattern for January. She even sent me a review copy. I couldn’t wait to dive in and check it out!

Sherlock Knits

In order to give her the most complete book review possible, I will be knitting up the “Socks for Mary.” (FYI – I’d made my decision before the end of the program. Talk about kismet!) I’m using leftover yarn from my Taboo shawl, so they will be completed in Malabrigo Sock mainly using the Abril colorway with the addition of the African Violet on the heels and toes if necessary. The socks use 400 yards, so I’ll probably need purple toes at the very least.

Sherlock Socks yarn

I’ve also included the mohair to strengthen the heels and toes.

While I’m knitting my socks, Joanna is holding a KAL for the Scotland Yarn Vest.  If you are intrigued, go on over to her Ravelry group and check it out.  Why am I not knitting along?  The simple answer is I need socks.

Of course, along with these projects, I’ll still be finishing up my hats for the kids (I have hat number seven – another Zimushka – on the needles right now), making good on my December promise of socks for my darling wyfe, and I’m sure a test knit or two will come across my desk.

Hat & Sock Yarn

Woohoo!  Here we go, January!