As we drove up to visit my parents this Tuesday, the “check engine” light came on. No problems with driving the car, but the light was a bit disconcerting. Today, we finally took the car over to the dealership to check it out.

During the wait, I took advantage of the uninterrupted knitting time and finished off my parents’ new “I Talk With the Moon” tea cozy.

I Talk With the Moon Tea Cozy for the parents

Steeking is an adventure in the best of circumstances, so I felt quite chuffed with myself for getting it done in the midst of the waiting room with a dad trying to control a baby.

I’ve made two of these tea cozies, one medium and one large. After the cast-on, the colorwork draws me under its spell, making the time fly. Both of these tea cozies only took a couple of evenings to finish. With the fuzzy light yarn, the needles zipped along almost by themselves. The little owls delighted me. Also, I used scrap yarn for the first one and probably could get one more small one out of the full skeins I used for my parents’. That makes it easy enough to cast one of these on for a quick gift for a dear friend who loves a warm teapot.

When I started this project, K.M. Bedigan (aka Aphaia) answered some questions for me.


What is your favorite thing about colorwork design?

While I really enjoy translating ideas to charts with colour work, I actually find that one of the most enjoyable parts of it is seeing the results of other people’s knitting. I love seeing what colour combinations people choose, it can really change up a pattern in unexpected ways.

What is your favorite pattern of your own?

My favourite pattern is probably the circular version of Tesserae, it is so big, squishy and cosy. I think a lot of people are surprised when they realise how simple it is.

Tesserae - Circular
© K.M.Bedigan

How did you come up with the name “Aphaia”?

The name Aphaia is actually the name of an archaeological site in Greece, it is one of my favourite places to visit!

How many years have you participated in the Indie Gift-A-Long?

I’ve participated for the past three years in the GAL, I think it is a really nice way of encouraging people to interact and a great way of finding new patterns! I always seem to end up with more patterns than I have time to knit.

What patterns are you planning to knit for the GAL?

I actually have a plan to knit myself some mittens – I want to spin some fibre and knit myself a pair of my own Flexure mittens. But I also have the pattern for World War G(loves) which I really want to knit.


I’m having a giveaway to celebrate the end of the Indie Gift-A-Long and you can enter to win one of Aphaia’s fabulous patterns here! Sign up by 7am ET tomorrow (December 31, 2016) to be entered in the contest.

I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow in the newsletter. See you then!