I’m having the best time knitting up this little tea cozy. After the hours of toil and delays while I knitted up the last hat, the “I Talk With the Moon” tea cozy’s fun colorwork seems to zip right along.

I Talk With the Moon - Mom & Dad process

I made mine last week out of some leftover yarn, and so I have some tips for finishing this piece.

The most scary part of the finishing is steeking the openings for the spout and handle. I can’t help it! Even having steeked several times, I still have that moment before I use the scissors where I hold my breath and say a little prayer. I supposed I’ll get over it eventually.

The instructions in the pattern are quite clear and concise, but here’s a little tutorial with some pictures to further assist.

The pattern helps you to set up the completely knitted piece so you have little openings at the top and the bottom of your steeking area.

Steek Set Up

Now, all you have to do is secure the edges by using a crochet hook to connect two of the stitches together. Start off by inserting your crochet hook through the righthand side of the stitch just to the right of the center stitch and the lefthand side of the center stitch.

Steek Tutorial Step 1

Then, loop your yarn and pull it through.

Steek Tutorial Step 2

Continue working in this fashion and you’ll see a line of little chain loops being created.

Steek Tutorial Step 3

Once you’ve finished up both sides, the piece will be ready to steek.

Steek Tutorial Step 4

Okay. Here’s the hardest part psychologically and the easiest part physically. Grab some sharp scissors and get ready to cut.

Insert the scissors carefully in the middle of the center stitch (which is also the ditch between the two lines of secured stitches).

Steek Tutorial Step 5

Take a deep breath.


Steek Tutorial Step 6

There. All done!

The stitches are secured and your knitting is safe.


Now to finish off the sides. Do this before you secure your cut edges.

Select a line of stitches close to the opening which you’ll use to create your finished edge. Pick up stitches here by inserting your knitting needle through a stitch…

Steek Tutorial Step 7

and knitting it.

Steek Tutorial Step 8

As for how many stitches to pick up as you work your way around, simply follow the directions in the pattern. Easy peasy!

At this point, you need to cast on three more stitches to start the i-cord bind-off. For me, once I had all of my stitches picked up, I used the backwards loop cast-on and cast on three stitches immediately following the picked up stitches.

Steek Tutorial Step 9

Slip those three stitches to the lefthand needle (which has the first picked-up stitch on it). Then, knit two stitches followed by knitting together the last cast-on stitch with the first picked-up stitch through the back loop.

Steek Tutorial Step 10

Continue around with your i-cord bind-off by slipping the three stitches back to the lefthand needle, knitting two stitches and then knitting the third and fourth stitches together through the back loop.

Steek Tutorial Step 11

After you finish that bind-off, simply tack down the cut edges to the wrong side of the fabric. A little blocking and you have a beautiful new tea cozy!

I Talk With the Moon Tea Cozy - Mine

Have fun steeking!