Yesterday, I finished up the Owl in the Thicket hat. Isn’t it darling?

Owl in the Thicket Hat

Instead of beads, I decided to felt the eyes on the owls.

Felting Setup

I found this beautiful orangey-yellow roving at the same time that I found the yarn. With a bit of foam that the cats reclaimed from my mother-in-law’s bedding (Grrrrrr…..) as my pouncing board, I felted some little flakes of wool into eyes.

Felting Tutorial

I’m loving this darling hat! If it wasn’t for my hand pain, I would have finished it a week ago.

Sara Huntington Burch, the designer of the Owl in the Thicket and owner of DinosaraKnits, answered a few questions about her process.


What is your favorite thing about designing with cables?

I love knitting cables and watching them take shape, and that translates to designing too. I love figuring out the best way to make a cable look like what I want it to look like, whether that is a tree or an owl or an Art Deco pattern. Designing your own cables also feels like the best way to be original and do something that no one else has.

What is your favorite pattern of your own?

My favorite pattern is probably Norrland; I could not be more pleased with how that one came out. It’s just so different and I love taking it to the next level by combining cables and colorwork.

How did you come up with the name “DinosaraKnits”?

Dinosara is an old online nickname that has to do with my name (Sara) and the fact that in my day job I am a paleontologist who studies dinosaurs!

How many years have you participated in the Indie Gift-A-Long?

This is my second year participating, and I have enjoyed it immensely. It is such a great even to support indie designers.


She’s pretty amazing – and so are her designs! I am a total fan of her intricately beautiful work.  I went back and forth about whether to knit this hat or the Reptilia hat, and I know I’m going to break and knit that one too. I know the perfect person who would love it!

Reptilia Hat
© DinosaraKnits

The Indie Gift-A-Long is still going on, and it’s not too late to join in. Come on over and join in the fun!