I opened up Facebook this morning and found this video in my memories from last year with the caption, “This was my day. I got to shovel at home, work, and then again at Sew Steamboat. Still, it’s so beautiful.”

This year, I celebrate the Solstice with this view.

Weaverville, 12/21/16

I don’t think I’ll get that same sort of snow shovel workout this year.  I can’t deny that I am celebrating the lack of shoveling in my life (and Steph did most of the snow moving when we were in Steamboat!  I’m such a wimp).

My celebration began yesterday with a trip to the grocery store.  Then I started my holiday baking with a Coca-cola cake. My family traditionally serves this cake for all sorts of occasions, but it only makes it into my table at the holidays. The cake is dense and sweet, a chocolate base topped with a chocolate pecan glaze.  Perfect for little bites at a holiday party!

Coca-Cola Cake

My father called yesterday while I was making the frosting. His envy rose up through the phone. I may have to make him one and take it to West Virginia next week.

When I was done with my baking, I discovered the new decorations around the house from Barb’s urban forage for greenery.

Solstice Decor

My day ended cuddled with the kitties by the fire, sipping scotch, knitting slowly and carefully, and watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert on PBS.

Kitties by the Fire

I don’t think I’ve ever watched one of these concerts.  I was so entertained by the gorgeous voices, carols I hadn’t heard in years, and the fruity performances. I must admit, when the sublime combines with the ridiculous (perhaps especially when the ridiculous is so earnest), I am thoroughly entertained

Speaking of the combination of the sublime and ridiculous, I can’t believe how this little hand issue is slowing my progress on this fabulous hat!

Owl in the Thicket, Half-Leaf

Do you see the half-leaf?


May your Solstice celebrations be filled with cheer and warmed by fire and friendship!


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