I’m starting to feel like Christmas – not the panicked feeling of the holiday rushing towards me like a freight train, but that lovely relaxed moment when I see the work of baking and cooking and cleaning as part of the celebration rather than a necessary chore. I am determined to enjoy my first Christmas here in Asheville, and a big part of that is to relax and join in the celebration instead of making myself crazy with preparations.

Each morning this week, I turned on the lights on our Christmas branch to accompany me as I write.

The Christmas Branch

I took part of yesterday completely off and accompanied Barb and Steph to the indoor farmer’s market where we found abundant eggs, honey, nuts, and all sorts of produce for the celebrations occurring this week.

Farmer's Market

I knitted as much as my hands would allow, finishing up the multicolored cowl (which I still need to name) and getting several rows done on the hats.

Progress 12/20/16

Still lots of shopping and wrapping and cooking and cleaning and baking left to do.  Time for the celebration to begin!

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