Mutant & Fitty Mittens

“Mutant” has been joined by “Fitty” to complete the pair.

Starting with only 44 stitches and increasing that only by 8 for the thumb gusset meant that I was only ever working with 52 stitches. Each round clipped along and, after one quiet evening, she had the second mitten.

Which fit.


(Funny what happens when you take time to measure gauge.)

Where “Mutant” measures 6” across (circumference of twelve inches), “Fitty” only measures 5” (circumference of ten inches). The mitten sticks to her hand in just the right places and allows her to have some dexterity (I mean, as much dexterity as you can have with a mitten).

Stephanie won’t let me pull out the first one and re-knit it to fit. She insists that it’s just fine.

I think she just watched me knit that huge mitten all Sunday afternoon and feels bad for me.

It’s a pity mitten!

Or maybe she thinks it’s big enough for us to hold hands inside while we walk through the cold.

romantic sigh

She’s not wrong about the size. And since it’s so short, clasped hands will fit better than extended.

I’m loving this whole thing now! Instead of “Mutant & Fitty,” I can call them “A Holiday Romance.”

Mutant & Fitty On

OMG. I will never, ever, ever not measure gauge again.

I mean, until I start the next hat.