Over the weekend, I finished off the Happy Midwinter’s Eve hat. I just love this little pattern so much! With all of its little stripes, it’s a great stashbuster. I’ve made this hat for boys and girls, children and adults. I hope my nephew likes this latest version!

Happy Midwinter's Eve Hat

So, one more hat done and only eight more knitted gifts to go!

Since I’m still waiting on the yarn for the rest of the gifts (my payment from my last test-knit), I’ve been knitting along on my latest cowl design. However, yesterday I got pulled off track.

Stephanie got up and walked with the dogs and me yesterday morning. The air was crisp and cold. We searched around but weren’t able to find her gloves. In my optimism, I put a lot of our winter clothes in boxes to go into storage, and her gloves got thrown into one of those boxes.  Now, the temperatures descend and we are without gloves and cardigans and snuggly sweaters.

As soon as we got home, I asked her what colors she would like in her mittens. Only one, she said, and she didn’t care about the color. I showed her my big ball (of yarn) from Texas (leftover from my visit to Austin).

Big Ball from Texas

I know, right?  It’s huge!

She agreed and I cast on a mitten.

Cast on the Mitten

At the beginning, I felt confident. Sure, all I had was the Knitter’s Almanac for my mitten directions, but that would be enough.  No problem!

As I formed the thumb gusset, I knew something was going horribly wrong. The thing kept growing wider and wider. I resisted the truth, telling myself that she has big hands and the mitten would fit. I selectively settled it onto her hand to check the gap which never got any less.

She protested that these mittens would be fine. Who needed a thumb? It’s a Snuggie for her hand!

The Paddle Mitten

Seriously. This is just wrong.

Finally, I checked the gauge.

Yep. Instead of 24 stitches to 4 inches, I had 20.  No wonder it was so huge!!

I cast on the second mitten with only 44 stitches instead of 54. I’ll be making my amendments as necessary and Stephanie will have a new pair of mittens by the time it gets cold again.

After all, I have many many fewer stitches to knit.

I mean, unless the hat yarn arrives soon.

I’ve got to finish off those holiday gifts!

Second Try on the Mitt