A couple of days ago, I finished the Flores hat.

Flores Hat Finished

Isn’t it darling? After you finish the flower buds on the brim, the rest of the hat zips together quickly with those alternating garter stripes. Once I hit the height, the decreases were finished in a single evening while I watched “Hairspray Live.” (Another totally fun experience! I love these new live holiday musicals that NBC has been doing for the last few years. They make me feel like a kid again.)

Before I cast on my next hat, I asked Claire Slade, the designer of the Flores Hat and owner of VerilyKnits, a few questions.


What is your favorite thing about designing with color?

Bright, colourful things make me happy which is why I always like to add pops of colour to my patterns. I know it may sound a little ‘twee’ but I’ve always loved rainbows and unicorns and all that is kitsch and I think that comes across in my knitting sometimes.

What is your favorite pattern of your own?

Probably Tracks of my Rainbow Tears, the idea for it had been floating around in my head for a while, but it took me quite a few attempts to get the pattern right and it’s something that I wear regularly.

Tracks of my Rainbow Tears

How did you come up with the name “VerilyKnits”?

I’ve used the word verily in various user names for years, its been so long since I first started that I can no longer remember why!

How many years have you participated in the Indie Gift-A-Long?

This is my third year now and I love it, long may it continue!

What patterns are you planning to knit for the GAL?

I have just finished an Agasi Hat by Anna Rauf for myself, I’m thinking about casting on a pair of bubbly ballet slippers next, I just need to find appropriate yarn (which shouldn’t be too difficult considering the size of my stash).


Isn’t that the truth?  Once I get my entire stash back, I know that I’ll be amazed at the wonderful yarn I stored away.

Any of Claire’s paid patterns are eligible for the Indie Gift-A-Long which continues through December 31st.  Come on over and join us for fun, prizes, and great conversation!  I know there are some great gifts showing up because I just saw the first person pick a free pattern from me yesterday.  How grand is that?

Well, I only have a few more rows to go on my Happy Midwinter’s Eve hat!  I should be done with that one by the end of the weekend, and then only six more hats and a tea cozy to go.  I think I’ll cast on the Owl in the Thicket next.