After my little informal poll yesterday, I’ll be using these colors for my Happy Midwinter’s Eve hat.

Happy Midwinter's Eve Final Yarn

The red lost out. (Since two people voted to leave the pink out, I know it came across as too pink in the photograph.  The teal shows up really blue in this one.) However, I’m excited to cast-on and get moving on this one later today!

Meanwhile, I made a little progress on the Flores hat and I’m at the point where I need to start the decreases. Yay! Still on track there.

Flores Hat - Halfway Done

As I worked the Flores hat brim, with its travelling stitches, I used a couple of different techniques to make the stitches travel without using a cable needle (which makes each repeat oh-so-much-quicker!).

Here’s a picture of a small swatch with the two green stitches ready to travel.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 1

To make the stitch travel to the right, I inserted the righthand needle as if to k2tog.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 2

I pulled the stitches off the lefthand needle

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 3

And then replaced them on the lefthand needle in their new order.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 4

Then, I knitted them into place.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 5

To make the stitch travel to the left, I inserted my righthand needle purlwise through the two stitches and removed them from the lefthand needle.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 6

Then, I inserted my lefthand needle from the right to the left through the two stitches on the righthand needle.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 7

And then I slipped the righthand needle out of the stitches.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 8

With a couple more stitches, those two stitches are now knitted into place.

Travelling Stitches Tutorial 9

For the stitch that travels to the left, I usually need to reseat the top stitch (the green stitch in the example) to untwist it so I don’t knit a really twisted stitch there. However, since I’m not having to use a cable needle, I don’t mind that particular burden.


(FYI – there’s another technique to make the stitch travel to the left which I learned in a class with Cat Bordhi. In that technique, simply knit the second stitch on the lefthand needle and then, without slipping either stitch off the lefthand needle, knit the first. After both stitches are complete, slip the two stitches off the lefthand needle and they will reverse their position. However, I didn’t do that here because I find there’s a little bit of binding that can happen which brings the stitches too close together, impeding the flow of the stitch. However, give it a try and see what you think! If your tension is looser (and mine is still tightly stressed from the move), you could have good results.)

Good luck with your travelling stitches, and have fun knitting the Flores Hat!