Now that I have the Flores hat past the intricate brim, I think it’s time to cast on the Happy Midwinter’s Eve hat.

(After all, with eight hats and two tea cozies left to knit, I need to be completing two and a half projects a week to be done with my gift knitting by the end of December.)

For the Happy Midwinter’s Eve hat, I need five colors and, since I want to make this for a boy, I feel like they need to be manly.

Usually I would go dip into my scrap yarn tote which is filled with partial skeins of almost every color under the rainbow. However, the scrap yarn is, like so much of my stash, buffering the crystal and china and anything else that seemed fragile in our storage unit.  I pulled out my temporary stash tote and began the search.

Of course, as soon as I pulled out my box of temporary stash and began going through it, Dolce decided to “help.”

Dolce the Stash Monster
Mine! It’s all mine!

I don’t know where she gets that attitude.

Well, maybe I do.

Kitty see – Kitty do, right?

These are the skeins I was able to wrest away from her that she picked out.  They are my only partial skeins and, luckily, I think they are pretty masculine colors.

Happy Midwinter's Eve Yarn

What do you think? I have six colors here (green, navy, gray, teal, red, and purple) and only need five, so I must eliminate one. Here’s a reminder picture of the hat:

Happy Midwinter's Eve Hat


Let me know your picks on the Facebook post, Instagram post, or in my brand new Ravelry group! I’ll let you know the results in tomorrow’s blog post.