Last night I finished up the knitting on the Zimushka hat, wove in the ends, and blocked it. Since it is a beret and I want to show off all of those gorgeous feminine sinuous cables, I pulled it over a bowl when it was still wet.  As you can see, doing this emphasizes the graceful design and also expands the piece to give it the correct shape.

Zimushka Blocking

This morning, I found the hat was dry on the top. I took the hat off of the bowl (so hopefully the line of the bowl’s edge won’t make a permanent pleat) and laid it brim up to finish drying.

Zimushka Drying

While I wait, Olga Beckmann, the designer of the Zimushka hat and the owner of LaKalinka, agreed to answer a few questions via email. Olga lives in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and blogs in Russian, German, and English.


What is your favorite thing about designing with cables?

Plasticity and texture, a play with light and shades. Cables are unique patterns because the genuine cables are hand knitted only. They provide many opportunities to create beautiful designs. I have most pleasure and enjoy these patterns!

What is your favorite pattern of your own?

I love all of my patterns. I give love a latest more because this is new. Like a newborn by a mother.
I give love some patterns more when they have fewer projects or fewer interest by knitters. Like a child that needs more love and caring.

How did you come up with the name “LaKalinka”?

Kalinka is a red berry of Vibúrnum plant. And Kalinka is a traditional russian song. It can be a name for a beautiful young girl as well Kalinka-berry can be a lovely compliment for a beautiful women. It means “beautiful like a red berry”. I love to produce patterns for women that like colours and love to knit colourful accessories. I wished me a designer business name inspired by folklore and nature, for my especially patterns for colourful women. LaKalinka is all what I love and what inspires me.

How many years have you participated in the Indie Gift-A-Long?

This is a simple question! This is my first GAL! I have so much fun! I can see so many interesting projects and new designers, so many beautiful yarn and awesome finished knitted gifts.  I think it’s a great idea to knit social for Christmas gifts.

What patterns are you planning to knit for the GAL?

I found two pretty children’s hats. One is Heartpops hat by Amy van de Laar.  I loved this hat from the first moment I saw it! The hearts look like sweet strawberries.  The second hat is Mika hat by Aet Terasmaa.  This hat is so funny! I am sure it will be a pretty children’s hat.


Isn’t she charming? Along with her delicate cables, she also designs in stranded colorwork, creating richly colored classic designs which make my fingers itch to knit them. Her designs seem destined for ladies with their delicate lines and delightful motifs.

Zimushka hat

When I wear this piece, I feel “beautiful like a red berry” and I know that my teenage niece will too.  What a lovely gift to have waiting under the tree!