Yesterday, clouds blew into the area and smoke from the wildfires lay heavy underneath. Wind twirled leaves up from yards and bashed into the house making me shiver. Eventually, something snapped and we finished our dinner without electricity, lighting our food with flashlights and candles. I worked on simple knitting, stockinette in the round, until the power returned a few minutes later (deadlines know no power outages – another reason I taught myself to knit in the dark).

Once the house sprang back to life, I put aside my simple knitting and returned to the Zimushka hat. When we took the dogs out for their final walk of the evening, a gentle sprinkle of rain was falling.

This morning, that sprinkle had turned to a soft rain which soaks the ground slowly after the drought of the last few weeks. Instead of having torrents of water zooming down the paths and turning gullies into rivers, the rain snuggles into the roots and drips from the tree branches along the roadside.

Raindrops on the Cedar

Rain created the perfect day to snuggle into the couch and play Crafty Santa. Yesterday, I put together my list for the kiddos and began to assign hats to them. I already have the Zimushka hat in process, but here’s a picture from the pattern page on Ravelry:

Zimushka Hat
© LaKalinka

Another favorite is the “Owl in the Thicket,” a gorgeous combination of cables creating a little cozy owl nest on some little person’s head.

Owl in the Thicket hat
© Sara Burch

And how cute is the “Flores”? Can’t you just see a little dumpling of a girl with her curls escaping underneath these flowers? Of course you can; it’s right here!

Flores Hat
© Claire Slade

I did break and grab something for myself as well. The “I Talk With The Moon” tea cosy will keep my little teapot nice and warm as the air cools with the coming of winter.

I Talk with the Moon Tea Cozy
© K.M. Bedigan

One may find its way under my parents’ Christmas tree too!

Two more days of searching and struggling with choices here. I have narrowed down several hats for the boys (I am bending to timing and giving hats again this year) and I’m also picking out some beautiful patterns for myself as well. I’m not sure I’ll get to them before the end of the GAL, but they will provide some wonderful fun knitting as my reward for finishing all of those hats!

The Indie Gift-A-Long sale ends at midnight tomorrow (Wednesday, November 30th at 11:59pm EST). Make sure to find your patterns for the KAL/CALs and embrace your Crafty Santa all December long! Snuggle into your own couch and find the perfect patterns for your knitted gifts today (Oh yes, and I have patterns in the sale too!). I promise to knit along with you.