When I chatted with my mother and father yesterday, they seemed pretty happy, if a little tired. My father is away this year, eating dinner with his brother and attending a wedding of a college friend. Yesterday, he was watching football with my uncle and getting called to the table as we hung up. Mother held down the home front and created a thanksgiving dinner for herself, my brother, and the four grandchildren (using only her stovetop and a NuWave oven – that miracle of modern science that keeps her kitchen going!). When I spoke to her, she sounded exhausted but happy to have the kids around. The bustling house more than made up for my dad’s absence this year.

After hanging up, I walked back into Barb’s little house. A general bustle happened in the kitchen all day. We spent some time sitting in the living room, watching television and chatting while the kitties snuggled in beside us. The dogs requested a walk and we all obliged with a leisurely stroll down to the end of the cul-de-sac. Our dinner abundantly filled our bellies and sent us peacefully to sleep.

I know I am blessed by this loving and wonderful family – all the adults and kids and dogs and cats – and I cherish the connections. Even when they challenge me, I know that we can always come back together because the love is strong enough to bear that burden.

Pets on the Bed
The pets joining us on the bed last Thanksgiving. Steph is represented by the small lump of her feet down by Cappy’s butt.

So, in these days of turmoil and strife, as I watch others alternately rejoice in their relatives or prepare themselves for the battle of the dinner table, I know how blessed I am and I am thankful for that blessing.

Thanksgiving Pile of Knitting

And now, it’s time to show them how grateful I am.