Today I am thankful for the ongoing presence of my friends in my life. Each time you reach out on Facebook or Ravelry or by email or by letter or by text or by phone, my heart blooms with happiness.

As I dig through my stash, I linger over the yarn gifts I received, and think of each of the people who gave them to me. When I grab my knitting bag, my fingers itch to knit with everyone on Friday evening. I know that when I finally move things out of the storage unit, I’ll be reminded of all of you as I unpack items that I purchased from you or were gifted by you. Tears of nostalgia will form as I rejoice in these solid representations of you.

New people, who I am meeting online and in-person, give me connections which I don’t even realize yet. We play and design and edit each other’s patterns. We gift each other with the expansion of our worlds to other regions, states, countries.  I am immersed in new experiences and new yarns and new ways to revel in beauty because of you.

All of you, new friends and old, show up for me. I am amazed each time I find myself in times of difficulty or rejoicing. You pop the champagne. You offer me a shoulder to cry on. You lend me the book I need. You make me laugh until my face hurts.

I hope that I do the same for you. I hope that I show gratitude for you each time we have a conversation, in person or online.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

So, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being the person you are with me.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!