Today, I am thankful for the force of creativity in my life. I have been lucky enough to find ways to celebrate and support the creativity of others as well as myself.

As I traversed the “working world,” I found myself able to help artists by purchasing pieces of their art, displaying their art in our cafe, rejoicing in their art at gallery openings, the theatre, concerts, and readings. I sold their yarn, patterns, and pieces of their crafty creative expression at Sew Steamboat. During the last two years, I helped promote artists and supported their ongoing artistic efforts through my administrative work with the Steamboat Springs Arts Council.

Now, for a few weeks, I have fully embraced my own creativity in writing and designing and, surprisingly enough, photography. I am taking those lessons that I have learned from the “working world” and integrating them into my own crafty business. Even as I create this new version of my “working world,” I have to continually remind myself to embrace my creativity.

My little office

Sometimes, part of that reminder is just exploring the creative world. Visiting art galleries, farmer’s markets, and even just wandering through the electronic ethers can be inspirational. Recently, I’ve been looking through all of the different designers’ patterns included in the Indie Gift-A-Long. Each time I close my computer or set down my tablet, my brain and eyes are overwhelmed by the creativity which emerged.  (Since I’m using at least two of these patterns for my fun/gift knitting in December, I’ve put together a Pinterest page of my favorites.)

Indie Gift-A-Long 2016

I am thankful to be able to integrate both the support of creatives and my own creativity in my new business. Having been lucky enough to gain the experience and knowledge to support creative people with the ongoing business side of their crafty business brings me such joy. Plus, each time I help someone by tech-editing their knitting pattern or get a newsletter out, I feel thankful that I am able to really do something in the world that makes a difference.

My gratitude increases when I put together the list of my knitting skills and how they can help other knitting and yarn designers (as well as myself!). Knowing that I am a test knitter with a brain who can help another designer find her way out of a patterny jungle. Knowing that I am a tech editor with great attention to detail. Knowing that I can create a design which appeals to knitters and publications to promote the yarn as well as my own creativity. Knowing that I can entrance others with a little piece of prose to change a pattern into a poem.

Embracing my own creativity expands my horizons. Each time I open my notebook to write, I am amazed that this life is one I have chosen. Picking up a pencil to sketch out a new design or grabbing my needles to cast on, swatching out a particular stitch, writing up a pattern – all of these skills get to be part of my creativity. They mesh together and bring my own particular variety of talent to the world, and for that, I am grateful.

GAL 2016

And thanks to you for supporting my creativity. I could never do it without you.


(Shameless plug – If you need help in any way – administrative, writing, knitting pattern tech-editing, or designing – check out my Services page for a list of what I can do for you.)

(Shameless plug #2 – If you are interested, the Indie Gift-A-Long starts tonight at 8pm EST with a week-long sale of select patterns at 25% off.  This year is my first year to participate, and you can find my pattern bundle here!)