Over the weekend, I realized that as I started this headlong rush into Christmas, I hadn’t taken time to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, for me, means rejoicing in the abundance of the season. I celebrate the harvest and feel thankful for the gifts of the past year. For the next five days, I want to spend time rejoicing in those gifts and expressing my thankfulness.

Day One is Knitting!

I am thankful for the gift of knitting to my life. Who knew when I picked up those needles for the first time back in 2007 that I would be starting a career?

Mom in her Sweater
The first piece I ever knit. Looks complex, but this sweater was mostly crochet with basic rectangles of stockinette (I crocheted almost non-stop until this sweater started the avalanche).

Knitting has brought me peace to weather emotional turmoil, strength to endure difficult times, and love from friends and family who have joined me to knit or simply appreciated the knitted gifts I now foist on everyone.

The Finished Taboo

Knitting gave me an outlet for my creativity, a way to perform (through my online tutorials, teaching, and writing), and a reason to research and experiment with new and old techniques.

Knitting Class
Teaching a lively group to learn to knit!

I have weathered humor and nostalgia and heartbreak in my knitting group. I’ve watched businesses come and go, jobs start and end, desperate and abundant times with these ladies and gentlemen who knit alongside me.  I was lucky enough to assist the amazing ladies of Sew Steamboat come together to preserve and support knitting (and all other sorts of fibery crafts) in the Steamboat Springs area.

Sew Steamboat Partners
These are the amazing ladies of Sew Steamboat!

Knitting truly forms an intrinsic part of my world. It accompanies me in most activities. You rarely find me without a project and, if you do, it’s because I didn’t prepare well enough. I knit on walks with the dogs. I knit on planes and in automobiles. I knit in line at the post office, in the movie theater, as I watch actors perform on stage (but only if I am in the second row or further back. Otherwise, it’s distracting for them.). Of course, I knit as I converse with friends or watch television.

Hike and Knit
Yes, I am that person who knits while hiking.

Knitting saved my life, allowed me to comfort others, and helped me as I accompanied my family through horrendous hospital stays and other hard times in their lives.

Yep. I am ever so thankful for knitting in my life.  I can’t imagine my life without it.


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